Let it Go

Trying to come up with a great idea for this year’s concert? Here’s a few ideas for you:

#1. Dancing through the decades – Pick any decades

#2. Focus on one decade – 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, etc.

#3. Peace, Love, Dance – All songs about love and peace

#4. Lights, Camera, Action! – Movies themed

#5. Werk! – Fashion Inspired

#6. Front Page News – Newspaper article-themed dances

#7. Superheroes – Strong, fun, save the day songs

#8. Stay Tuned – All songs from TV Shows

#9. Seasons – Four sections, different season for each

#10. On Broadway – All songs from musicals

#11. XOXO – All songs about hugs, kisses, and love

#12. Everybody Dance Now – Jock Jams type songs

#13. Disney – Focus on one Disney movie, or do a variety of Disney songs

#14. Colors of the Wind – All songs mentioning colors

#15. Blast from the Past – Celebrate an anniversary at the studio

#16. At the Circus! – Circus/Cirque du Soleil songs

#17. Around the World – All different cultural music

#18. Patriotic – Represent your country and culture

#19. Shop ‘Til Ya Drop – shopping, clothes, shoes, etc.

#20. We Came to Rock! – All rock songs (or soft covers of rock songs)

#21. Welcome to the Jungle – All animals and nature songs

#22. Life is a Fairy Tale – Fairy and fantasy-themed dances

#23. Dancing School – All school-themed songs and characters

#24. A Night at the Museum – history-themed

#25. Sunshine and Happiness – Songs with the word ‘sun’ and ‘happy’

#26. Under the Sea – Songs about the ocean/fish/sea creatures

#27. When I Grow Up – All profession-based songs…ballerina, Mr. Postman, etc. and use ‘When I Grow Up’ from Matilda as opening song

#28. Come Fly With Me – Songs about flying, airplanes, birds, etc.

#29. Cosmic Love – All outer space, alien-themed songs

#30. Black and Gold – Use songs with those two colors mentioned, and Santigold’s ‘Black and Gold’ as the opening song

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